July 23, 2012

Honolulu Hale

Last week we took a trip to City Hall to take care of some residency paperwork. That didn't go exactly as expected, but things seldom do. It was still worth it though, because I was completely distracted by the beauty of the building and surrounding area the whole time.

City Hall, or Honolulu Hale, as the building is named, was completed in 1928. It's an amazing building, with gorgeous detail work on the ceiling, oversize doors and antique chandeliers. The style is considered Italianate Spanish revival and is reminiscent of many of the buildings you'd see if you visited St. Augustine.

When you first enter the Hale, you are met with the bell from the USS Honolulu, a ship that was active in WWII. The inscription at the bottom of the plaque reads: "In memory of those who have struggled and died that freedom and peace shall endure."

The next thing I noticed was the ceiling. It is beautiful, but my picture came out blurry from low light. If anyone wants to donate to my camera fund, I'm saving up to get a better one and bring you, my readers, better quality photos (I have a digital point and click camera with no real control over any settings and a digital zoom).

Tried and failed to find better pictures on Google Image search
The US flag, Hawaii flag and Honolulu flag are proudly displayed in the entrance hall.

Again, poor quality picture, but no one on the internet has anything else

The area surrounding the Hale is beautiful, too.

That's Honolulu Hale...and some trees

The building to the right is the Land and Natural Resources building, but believe me, it's nicer to look at hidden by those trees.
While it was a little difficult to find anything (these buildings are named, but no signs to say what they are, so if you don't know that the City Hall is called Honolulu Hale, there is no sign that says "City Hall") it was certainly a pretty walk through the area and I got some pictures I hadn't anticipated taking that day!

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