June 12, 2014

2013...2014...and beyond!

I know many of you have been wondering where the Winskyes are going to end up. So have we! We've finally determined that for at least the next year, we will be in Florida, living in ither Tampa or Orlando, depending on where the work is (so if you need to hire a Stage Manager/Production Manager/Theatre instructor or professor/Event Planner, hit me up!). We will be back in Orlando June 25th, and in Tampa July 2 through at least the end of August. In all the packing and cleaning, I'm once again looking back.

This time last year:
And this year:

Kailua Beach

Different beach, same lovely day with friends

Quick hike before breakfast!

May 2013:
Hanging with the girls
Silly shopping
Craft night
May 2014:
Having another degree!

April 2013:
April 2014:
A little less homework, though a thesis did have to be written

And a lot more fun!
March 2013:

March 2014:
Back at USITT- Who wants to join me there is 2015 as well?

jingju (with Jamy and Yining) Lady Mu and her Great Grandmother-in-law

Working on my thesis with my lovely and talented students

 It's been quite the year!

June 11, 2014

Tourism at Home: An unplanned adventure

As we gear up to move in a couple of weeks, we are taking time to explore some of the sights that we haven't yet had the chance to. We have a list that we are slowly checking off, and we are even accidentally discovering other fun places that we didn't mean to go.

Saturday we visited the Punchbowl Cemetery (National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific) and  then the Honolulu Museum of Art.

I wasn't expecting to have the emotional response to the memorial that I did. I'm not a history buff, nor do I have any strong military ties, but I have to admit, I found myself standing in front of the dedication stone at the foot of the memorial, surrounded by the Courts of the Missing, and I was moved to tears.
rest in peace
 After the cemetery we intended to go to the Hawaii State Art Museum, but due to a typing incident ended up at the Honolulu Museum of Art instead (you have to look more carefully after you type in "art museum honolulu"). So we went in anyway, and I'm so glad we did. I loved wandering through the exhibits from Asia, especially those from China, Indonesia and India. Here were some of the highlights for me:

Nandi's (Shiva's mount or vehicle) Head--Kerala (late 18th Century)

Jain Temple Niche--Western India (ca. 12th Century)
The detail work on the marble is stunning

Handle of a ceremonial kris (dagger)--Bali (18th Century)

Oh, the masks! I was so excited when I walked in and saw these! Collection from Bali, Java and Madura (18th-20th Century). It feels good to walk into a museum and know more about some of the items than is on the signage. Thanks, UHM.

Chariot Panel--South Kerala (late 17th Century)
Depicts scenes from the Ramayana

There was also a video installation titled "The Empty City" by a Chinese artist named Chen Qiulin, which really captivated me. Part of the blurb on th museum's website reads:
"Chen grew up in the small city of Wanzhou, which was submerged under the Yangtze      River by the controversial Three Gorges Dam project in 2003. Wanzhou’s entire population was relocated, and the remaining parts of the region that are still above water have been absorbed into the Municipality of Chongqing. In Chen’s most recent video series, The Empty City, she returns to the remnants of Wanzhou, while at the same time coming to terms with her new life in Chongqing."

You can read more from the artist on the museum's blog

We followed up our museum visit with a late lunch at the Rainbow Drive in because Joe had never been there (!!!) even though we live just down the street from it.

After lunch we decided to keep exploring since we were on a roll. We drove around the Diamond Head neighborhood, and then Joe took me to the one place I've wanted to go since we moved here: Fisher Office Supply. Heaven.We waited until 30 minutes to closing so that I couldn't bankrupt us. 

But look how happy I am! They had Sharpies in 4 different shades of purple, for individual sale. I may have to go back, just so I can make the other stage managers jealous ;)

And if we hadn't seen enough art already, no worries:

We stumbled upon this amazing painting on the side of a building

And this. I'm just realizing how much amazing street art there is in Honolulu

Then we came home and packed 7 boxes for our move. I declare Saturday a success!

May 30, 2014

Unplugged Adventure: The Name Game Part V

Photo credits: Nicole DesLauriers, Joe Winskye, Lani Winskye

Meg Hanna

Nicole DesLauriers

Joe and Lani Winskye

All photos in this series taken on 35mm disposable cameras:

No filter applied- this is just what taking a pic of a disposable camera with a disposable camera in poor lighting looks like. Cool and vintage, right?!