June 14, 2013

Being Healthy

Rachael has issued a health challenge for the summer. Each participant had to declare an amount of weight to lose or a size of clothing that they wanted to fit into. My goal is 10lbs or my size 6 skinny jeans. Because I am not a size 6 anything, skinny or not, which was not the case before we moved here. We have ten weeks (from June 1) to accomplish our goal. Losers buy dinner for winners.

I've been using a pedometer app on my phone, Striiv, which has been great, because it is also a game and you earn new things in game by exercising. It auto-syncs with my calorie counter app, My Fitness Pal. Anyone using either of those who wants to become friends in-app, let me know! The calorie counter is easy to use because it has a barcode scanner. I can scan foods in my fridge and then just input the servings that I ate. It's making me so aware of how much I eat, that I've done this:

If you eat out of a measuring cup, you know exactly how much you've had!
Also, my calves and abs are killing me. Joe says it's because those muscles are remembering they exist. I say it's because exercise is evil.

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