August 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary

As you all (should) know, yesterday Joe and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. I specify "wedding" because Joe insists Sept. 1st is our "real" anniversary because it is when we started dating. And today, the day in between, we affectionately refer to as our "compromise" anniversary. A little something for everyone.

Since we are in the midst of school and work, here is a look at how we spent our anniversary:

Driving to and from campus

And do you know what we did special to celebrate? The one thing we did to break up our routine and indulge? Had a McDonald's breakfast. And Joe bought me TWO hashbrowns. That's right, her loves me two hashbrowns. We would have done a little more, but I had to be at auditions for UH Manoa's Oklahoma since I'm stage managing and Joe had to knock out some work since we are moving tomorrow.

MOVING! Oh, and we bought a mattress today, so no more sleeping on the floor. Isn't it great how the little things can make you so happy?

So to make YOU happy, and to share some of our on top of the world love fest, allow me to leave you with this on top of the world view:
Us with Sophie, or "the beast" as I like to refer to her...

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