June 12, 2014

2013...2014...and beyond!

I know many of you have been wondering where the Winskyes are going to end up. So have we! We've finally determined that for at least the next year, we will be in Florida, living in ither Tampa or Orlando, depending on where the work is (so if you need to hire a Stage Manager/Production Manager/Theatre instructor or professor/Event Planner, hit me up!). We will be back in Orlando June 25th, and in Tampa July 2 through at least the end of August. In all the packing and cleaning, I'm once again looking back.

This time last year:
And this year:

Kailua Beach

Different beach, same lovely day with friends

Quick hike before breakfast!

May 2013:
Hanging with the girls
Silly shopping
Craft night
May 2014:
Having another degree!

April 2013:
April 2014:
A little less homework, though a thesis did have to be written

And a lot more fun!
March 2013:

March 2014:
Back at USITT- Who wants to join me there is 2015 as well?

jingju (with Jamy and Yining) Lady Mu and her Great Grandmother-in-law

Working on my thesis with my lovely and talented students

 It's been quite the year!

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